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Document setting out certain facts, and filed to amend ownership or declare heirs of a deceased property owner.
An area in a Columbarium or mausoleum containing niches for the placement of cremated remains.
At Need
Having to do with burial arrangements at the time of death.
Or Pre-Need; having to do with the purchase of property and services in advance of a death.
a tract of land, mausoleum, or crematory and columbarium providing space for disposal of human remains.
Building or area of a building designated for the placement of cremated remains.
Tangible items for memorial use, e.g. vaults, memorial tablets or plaques, monuments, vases, etc.
Companion Crypt
Two side-by-side crypts with a common front.
Process of reducing human remains to ashes by means of extreme heat.
Cremation Privilege
The privilege of interring a container of cremated remains in a single-capacity crypt or grave, in addition to a full burial or another set of cremated remains.
A sealed space in a mausoleum provided for the placement one (or two in a Tandem Crypt) caskets.
A flower container for ground property. (See Vase)
Document showing ownership of burial rights.
Double Grave
Ground burial for two persons in one grave.
Double Interment Privilege
Privilege of interring the remains of a second person in addition to a prior burial; also, the amount paid for such a privilege (also referred to as a "DIP"; not to be confused with the Interment Fee or "opening and closing")
Endowment Care
A state-required fund set up to provide income for park maintenance and care for individual burial spaces and memorial tablets.
Burial in a crypt, vault, or sarcophagus.
Family plot or group of graves or lawn crypts, often fenced in.
Funeral Home
Or mortuary; establishment for the preparation of human remains for burial or cremation; files death certificates; holds memorial services.
Future Use
Commodities and services purchased in advance of need.
Burial in the ground; also, generally, entombment or inurnment.
Burial in the ground; also, generally, entombment or inurnment.
Inurnment Fee
The amount paid for the service of opening an interment space, placing the casket or urn inside, and closing/sealing the space (also called the "Opening and Closing").
Double ground burial space where the burial vault is pre-placed during the development and prior to use.
Bottomless, box-shaped cover placed over a casket in the ground to minimize excess settling.
Numbered subdivision of a plot.
Memorial tablet, crypt plate, niche plate, or veteran's memorial.
A building containing crypts and niches.
Upright memorial or statue, usually marking a family plot
A space provided for the placement of one or more urns.
Opening & Closing
The service of opening a burial space for interment, entombment, or inurnment, and closing it upon completion; also, the fee paid for this service.
A document issued by the County Health Department authorizing disposal of human remains. We cannot make a burial without this document. (A "re-file permit" is required when moving a deceased loved one from one cemetery to another.)
A lawn designated by name, eg. Del Ivy Plot.
A named hallway in a mausoleum, eg. Sanctuary of Devotion.
Necessary labor performed by cemetery personnel, eg. cremation, interment, entombment, etc.; also, a memorial service.
Receiving Vault
Crypt used for the temporary placement of human remains.
Trust Agreement
Document provided as evidence of Commodity or Service Funds held in trust for future use.
Container for cremated remains.
Flower contain for a crypt or niche. (See Cup)
Protective concrete box into which a casket or urn is placed and sealed before ground burial.

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