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We realize that sometimes it is not possible to make a trip to Inglewood, California, in order to obtain photographs of memorial tablets, monuments and family plots.

Inglewood Park Cemetery is pleased to offer a photo service to families requesting images of their loved ones' graves. Photos will be in color, and the marker will be trimmed so that the inscription can be seen. Readability will depend upon the condition of the marker, but we will make every attempt to produce a legible image. Faded or scuffed markers may require some repair in order to provide a quality image, and this could take a little time. We appreciate your patience.

We offer photos in the following formats:

  • Digital—100 dpi, landscape orientation: 12" wide; portrait orientation: 12" high
  • Paper—100 dpi, 5" × 7" and printed on glossy photograph inkjet paper
Photo Fees
Digital Photographs: 
  1 - 5 in Same Plot
  Each additional photo, same plot

Paper Photographs: 
  Base Price per Plot
  Each photo (5" x 7")


PLEASE NOTE:   If you wish to take your own photographs, or to have a volunteer take them for you, you must                                 contact Park Operations at (310) 412-6591, in advance, to obtain permission.

                             To request that IPC take the photos for you, send an email here:  Request Photos

720 E. Florence Avenue · Inglewood, CA 90301 · (310) 412-6500

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