Before Need Planning

Unquestionably, purchasing cemetery interment rights in advance of need is one of the most thoughtful, significant and financially advantageous acts one can undertake. It leaves no question for surviving family members about what one’s wishes are, both where and how one wants to be remembered. It is one less thing to question or deal with at a time when grief, pain and confusion override everything else. Additionally, looking at burial or cremation options now affords you the opportunity to make thoughtful choices without the pressure of time driving decision-making. And finally, by purchasing memorial interment rights today, pricing can be locked in. After all, interment pricing will increase over time, especially as options and space become limited.

Let us offer you a private tour of our grounds and present you with memorial options that fit your personal expression as well as your budget. And let us show you how easy monthly payments can make this important,once-in-a-lifetime purchase at Inglewood Park Cemetery remarkably manageable both for you and your family.

Contact us to arrange a convenient appointment with one of our memorial counselors.

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