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Inglewood Park Cemetery

In so many ways, Inglewood Park Cemetery is the Soul of the City of Angels, set in the very heart of the city. Here you’ll experience a scenic tapestry of rolling green hills and palm-lined avenues, historic architecture and stately white walls, plus complete cemetery, mortuary and cremation facilities all in one place. Inglewood Park Cemetery reflects all the many cultures and voices that have graced the Los Angeles community for more than a century, each bringing new richness to our city and to our special place in the center of it.

History & Heritage


In 1905, a group of visionary Centinela Valley businessmen decided to pool their resources and form the Inglewood Park Cemetery Association. At this time, the area was sparsely settled with farms and small homes, but it was growing and needed a designated place for burials. The first interment was made in the new cemetery on July 20, 1906. In the first year, there were 32 burials, which not surprisingly would increase dramatically over the coming years.

Funeral processions arrived from Los Angeles on horse-drawn flat carts. Later, mourners traveled to the cemetery by railroad in specially designed electric funeral cars like the Descanso (now on display at the Pacific Railroad Museum).

In 1913, the cemetery saw the possibilities for affordable wall crypt entombment, which in those days was a means of burial usually reserved for the wealthy. Inglewood Mausoleum was built as the first community mausoleum in California. Many of the original settlers of the Centinela Valley and the South Bay region are entombed here, as are nearly three dozen Civil War veterans.

To this day, Inglewood Park Cemetery continues to evolve. Old becomes new again. And what’s still to come will one day be another cherished tradition for yet another generation of families.

Our Management Team

Over 140 Years of Experience

Our team of professionals proudly work together with over 140 years of collective experience to ensure that Inglewood Park Cemetery provides the highest level of products and caring services to our customers. They dedicate every effort to meeting your expectations with the utmost in care and integrity. As a result, you are assured of achieving the best final resting place for your loved one. Our officers and counselors have also pledged to preserving the quality and heritage of Inglewood Park Cemetery far into the future and beyond.