Historic & Modern Chapels

At Inglewood Park Cemetery, you can choose from a number of historic and modern chapels for memorial and funeral services all with the livestreaming capabilities. Whether you require a small, intimate setting, or seating of up to 300, we will help you select the perfect gathering space.

Chapel of the Chimes
(Celebration of Life Chapel)

Built in 1949, historic Chapel of the Chimes was recently renovated to serve as a multi-purpose venue that can be used for funeral or memorial services seating up to 60. The chapel can also host a small reception with a seating capacity of 50 to 75, depending upon the configuration. A hallway off the chapel area can be used to set up food and beverages by one of our preferred caterers.

We can also accommodate weddings, christenings, reunions, anniversaries, and other special events. In addition, the space is available for meetings, seminars, group sessions, and similar community gatherings.

Chapel of the Chimes also houses our own onsite crematory, which includes a witnessing room. You may arrange for a tour or discuss the available options including the cremation, services and final disposition of the cremated remains. Please call or meet with one of our Memorial Counselors.

Grace Chapel

Our central landmark for over 100 years, the historic Grace Chapel, was constructed in the early days of the cemetery. Its completion was announced in the Los Angeles Times on October 30, 1907, and reported to be a 3/4 replica of a church in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is also said that it was named for Grace Grant (Williams) Loomis, the wife of the Cemetery’s first superintendent, Captain Lester G. Loomis. (Grace Chapel is in the process of retrofitting and renovations. Expected completion date is late Spring, 2019.)

Chapel of Palms

As an intimate committal area in the Mausoleum of the Golden West, Chapel of the Palms also houses the Alcove of Palms. This Alcove consists of glass-front niches, a very desirable option for final placement of cremation urns along with personal mementos. Pew seating capacity is about 30, but the space can accommodate additional seating. The rear door leads to Capistrano Court.

Mausoleum of the Golden West Galleria

The Galleria chapel with stained-glassed windows, radiant in color and of spiritual significance, stands at the main entrance of the Mausoleum of the Golden West. Punctuated by the beautiful stained glass at the head of the chapel, the Galleria provides for stunning setting for memorial services to honor and celebrate the life of loved ones. It is appropriate for services of all types and sizes and comfortably seats up to 250 people.  Audio and visual service capabilities are available.

Manchester Garden Chapel

Part of the beautiful Manchester Garden Mausoleum, the main chapel and four smaller side chapels represent patriotic ideals, each distinguished by an immense bronze plaque unique to its respective theme. The side chapels include the Chapel of Unity, Chapel of Freedom, Chapel of Heritage and Chapel of Honor.

Sunset Mission Chapel

Sunset Mission Mausoleum was conceived in the late 1980s. Inspired by the historic California Missions, this building is situated such that the sun sets behind it, bringing to mind the 1936 hymn, “Beyond the Sunset.”

Completed and dedicated in 2008, this twenty-year effort features materials from all over the world. With two stories above ground, and a lower level, the mausoleum is the largest in the country.

The building houses the beautiful Mission Chapel, the Library of Roses, and original stained glass by Mark Shoem of Ancient Arts, Pickel Studios, and our own in-house stained glass artisan, Frank Walden.

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