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After Cremation, Lasting Beauty Begins
For so many, cremation is the perfect choice. But what about a place to visit with family, to remember, to join together and celebrate the rich lives of your loved ones? That’s the idea behind our one of kind cremation gardens. These gardens provide for a wide range of memorial options to honor you or your loved ones permanently while providing meaningful choices for every budget.
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The Gardens of Shakespeare

Recognized as one of the most lovely and tranquil cremation gardens on the West Coast, The Gardens of Shakespeare provides for a soothing and engaging environment for families who want something unique and special. Nestled within the beautiful grounds of Inglewood Park Cemetery at Chimes Estate, this is a glorious garden majestic trees, beautiful flowering plants, sculptured artwork and a collection of various running water features all designed to create a feeling of being in nature.  Within this cremation garden you’ll find inurnment options including cremation boulders, benches, pedestals, family estates, and lawn niche spaces all designed to create a sacred sanctuary where you can reflect and remember. Or to be remembered.

Angel’s Sculpture Garden

Surrounding our Inglewood Mausoleum, Angel’s Sculpture Garden is a one-of-a-kind display of artwork and cremation memorial property options that our families recognize as an incomparable setting at which to memorialize their loved ones. Composed of contemporary designed columbaria, pedestals, benches and family property options, along with visually arresting sculptured angels located throughout the garden, The Angels Sculptured Garden presents a beautiful space filled with glorious new ways to remember loved ones and a permanent setting where present and future generations of family can always visit and honor and pay their respect. It is truly a labor of love that will serve the needs of greater Los Angeles families now and far into the future.

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