The building that today houses the cemetery’s main office, originally served as the home of the superintendent, Capt. Lester G. Loomis. In those days, the cemetery had a crew of 17 men who did the landscaping, including the planting of trees, laying out the lawns, and measuring off graves. The first forty acres were developed in the first two years.

In the early days, the cemetery superintendent had an office in his home, and the Cemetery Association also had a “city office” at 214 Mercantile Place, later moved to Spring Street. In 1949, the superintendent’s house was converted to full office space, and the business functions that had been conducted at the city office in downtown Los Angeles, were permanently moved to the cemetery grounds.

Over the years, the offices have been renovated, most recently in 1986, and again in 1997. The office, as it exists today, is quite different from the original residential structure, but the outer walls remain the same, and one can still make out the main features of the original exterior design.

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