Grace Chapel

Grace Chapel was constructed in the early days of the Cemetery. Its completion was announced in the Los Angeles Times on October 30, 1907. It is said to be a 3/4 replica of a church in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is also reputed to have been named for Grace Grant (Williams) Loomis, the wife of the Cemetery’s first Superintendent, Captain Lester G. Loomis.*  Capt. and Mrs. Loomis are interred in Lot 177, Sunny Slope Plot.

Now over 110 years old, Grace Chapel has recently undergone significant remodeling and retrofitting, including the addition of complete audio-visual capabilities. The chapel can also be used as a reception, event or community center.

*   Stade, Odo B. “Loomis Ranch — Last Homestead.” Trails Magazine. Spring 1938: 8-12. Web. 3 Mar. 2014.

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