“City of Angels” – A Covid-Safe Photography Contest runs Sept. 15 – Nov. 30

Inglewood Park Cemetery invites photographers to participate in a new photography contest, running from September 15, 2020 through November 30. The contest, entitled “Soul of the City of Angels,” focusing on the 115-year-old cemetery’s numerous stone angels scattered throughout the memorial park, some dating back to the cemetery’s early start. Two categories will be open: “Pure Photography” for images employing the art of color or black & white photography with minimal evident post-processing or special effects; and “Creative Eye” which allows for greater imaging freedom. The contest is open to amateurs, photography enthusiasts and professionals alike over the age of 18. The last day for submissions is November 30, and judging will occur in December. There is no entry fee. Visit the website www.IPC-PhotoContest.com, the cemetery’s Facebook page or email IPCPhotoContest2020@gmail.com.

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The Soul of the City of Angels

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